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All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small......

                     -Cecil Frances Alexander

 Growing up on a farm in central  Pennsylvania was a wonderful  gift.   As a child, I was able to spend countless hours outside playing and exploring which helped to cultivate my love and respect for the natural world around us.  Now, as an adult, my passion for nature has led me to become a nature and wildlife photographer.  Mother Nature provides perfect canvases for capturing the natural world around us, such as a spider web covered in morning dew intricately woven onto a foxtail weed, a newborn fawn, or an eagle sitting in a sycamore tree overlooking the Loyalsock creek.  Whether the subjects are the tiniest of plants to the most magnificent creatures.... these are the moments I want to capture for years to come.


My goal in photography is to create beautiful and timeless cards and prints to share with all of you. The three galleries on my web page, Wildlife, Plants & Flowers, and Abstract are to not only showcase the diverse beauty that surrounds us but to help personalize your own style and preference when ordering.  For example, perhaps you may have been searching for a stand out print in a newborn or child's bedroom.  To add that special wonderment, my photo of the newborn fawn laying in the grass might fill that niche.  A print from my abstract section could offer a creative way to compliment your decor.  Three different Pumpkin Vine prints situated on a wall either in black and white or stunning color may be that statement piece you are looking for! 


Creating and choosing prints for cards is another way to express your style and let that special someone know you are thinking of them.  Most of my photos can be converted to a card format, however, on occasion, cropping can be too restrictive and hinder the picture's appearance.  Feel free to contact me with your chosen pictures and I will let you know if they can be made into a card.  Nature offers endless creative opportunities, so keep checking this page for new and updated photos in all of my featured galleries!

 I've had the privilege of having a few of my images published in magazines, such as Birds and Bloom, Gun DogThe Retriever Journal, and The Book of Arts : Biafarin Awards 2021.  I was also the recipient of the Biafarin Awards Grant for being one of the top three finalist for this competition.


 In 2018 Natural Beauty (featured in the flower/plant section) was selected for the final round of judging in the London's Natural History Museums Wildlife Photographer of the Year photography competition. In 2021, Looming in the Background and Beautiful Burdock were also selected for the final round of judging in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.  This wildlife competition is considered to be the most prestigious in the world.  It was a great honor to be recognized on such a global  level.


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