Cards & Special Orders

  Cards are such a wonderful way to communicate and stay connected to people near and far.   My goal is to be able to provide beautifully crafted cards with various options to choose from.   The cards are printed on high quality linen paper and available in post card or greeting card format with envelopes included.  After choosing an image, you will receive 26 cards of that image only.  Sizes offered are as follows: 4x5.5", 5x5", or 5x7" and are blank on the inside.  Many of the photos featured in the galleries you see here on this site as well as the Unit Print galleries can be made into cards.  If you are interested in purchasing cards please contact me via this page by scrolling down and filling in the requested information.  Once your order is received, I will send you an invoice that includes the Paypal payment method.


Please include the following information:

* Picture you would like featured on all 26 cards

*Size preferred

*Format (post card or greeting card)

*Address where you would like items shipped

Production: In lab - 3 business days + shipping time

 Prices are as follows:

* 26 post card or greeting card format: 4.5 x 5"- $35.00 + sales tax

*26 post card or greeting card format: 5x5"- $45.00 + sales tax

*26 post card or greeting card format: 5x7"- $45.00 + sales tax

cards for web pg-1-7.jpg
cards for web pg-1-4.jpg
cards for web pg-1-5.jpg

Here are a few of my photos printed on the classic linen paper.....

cards for web pg-1.jpg
cards for web pg-1-6.jpg
cards for web pg-1-3.jpg
cards for web pg-1-2.jpg

Special Orders

Unit Prints offers a 9x9" Hexagon Wrap that is printed on the highest quality 100% duck fabric. I recently purchased a Hexagon Wrap featuring  The Collector and it was absolutly stunning.  

The Hexagon Wrap is available to purchase for $50.00 and is a beautiful addition to your home, office, or business.  

the collector-1.jpg
the collector-1.jpg
Original photo                      Cropped to fit Hexagon Wrap

Thanks! Message sent.